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Social Work, Counselling & Therapy Services 

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 I strive for my practice to be a safe place and we welcome anyone as a client.  We also acknowledge the importance of social location, especially when searching for a therapist. I am white, cisgender and able-bodied. I know that it is important to many to know if I lack lived experience similar to yours. Please know I am always happy to help you find a therapist that is the best fit for you, even if this is not myself and this choice always remains yours to make.

Welcome. I am so glad you are here. My name is Britt. I created this practice to be able to truly connect with my clients one-on-one and provide therapy that tends to their individual needs and experiences.  I have worked in the social services field for approximately 10 years. I now have a very small team of therapists who work alongside me, see about us for more information.  Accessible therapy is very important to me, which is why my interns offer the "PWYC therapy" program. 


  Brittani works primarily with relationships, self-worth, perinatal mental health, eating disorders, body-image, perfectionism, anxiety and those who are processing adverse, difficult or traumatic experiences. It is a special interest of hers to support individuals as they navigate family dynamics, childhood experiences, parent/child relationships as they become adults, including through the perinatal period as clients become parents themselves. Brittani works with clients of all ages. 

I operate under the belief that we all come to therapy with complex experiences that often connect and impact our lives in different ways. Therefore, my approach will always honour your story, and how the parts of it weave together. To learn more about me, click the about tab. 



Registered Social Worker (RSW) – OCSWSSW

Master in Social Work (MSW) - Wilfrid Laurier University

Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) - The University of Victoria

Honours BA in Child and Youth Studies - Brock University​



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