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Meet the team!

Meet Remi!

Associate Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying


Remi completed her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University.


Her specific areas of interest include negative body image, disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and emotion dysregulation. Her approach draws on many therapeutic modalities including CBT and DBT and is centered on honoring your experience and helping you move towards goals that feel meaningful and important to you.


When Remi is not studying psychotherapy you can find her on the rugby field

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Meet Michaela!

Associate Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying

Michaela is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. 

Michaela’s specific focus areas are on mood disorders, stress and emotional dysregulation. Using a person-centered approach, Michaela uses various modalities such as CBT, DBT and Narrative Therapy to help the client understand their thoughts and feelings and organize them in a way that promotes healing and self-growth. Each of us is completely unique and Michaela honours and appreciates each avenue of required care needed for each individual’s experiences. Michaela aims to provide a collaborative experience that will facilitate a therapeutic approach that works for you! In her free time, Michaela likes to spend time with her family, and pets, read and enjoy time outdoors!


Meet Britt

Registered Social Worker

Availability: Evenings & Saturdays


Education and Experience:

Brittani is a Registered Social Worker (RSW). She holds a

BA in Child and Youth Studies from Brock University, a

BSW from The University of Victoria and an MSW from

Wilfrid Laurier University. After working for many years

in various settings, her heart landed in private practice.

She has been working in the social services field since



Areas of Interest:

She works primarily with relationships/attachment, self-worth,

perinatal mental health, eating disorders, body-image,

perfectionism, anxiety and those who are processing adverse,

difficult or traumatic experiences.


It is a special interest of hers to support individuals as they navigate family dynamics, childhood experiences, parent/child relationships and attachment styles as they become adults, including through the perinatal period as clients become parents themselves. 


She also enjoys working with youth and young adults but sees clients of all ages.


 Brittani operates under the belief that we all come to therapy with complex experiences that often connect and impact our lives in different ways. Therefore, her approach will always honour your story, and how the parts of it weave together.  She has prioritized relational, client-centered, compassion focused and strength-based practice in her role as a social worker. This means she views her work as being able to provide guidance, supports and services according to clients self-expressed needs and/or challenges. It also means she operates under the belief and understanding that all clients intrinsically possess the strength and resilience to cope with whatever barriers they are facing and she is simply a guide or support along the way.


Types of Therapy & Training:
An integrated theoretic framework guides her work. She has completed many hours of trauma training including (but not limited to) EMDR therapy, developmental trauma, parts work and trauma-centered psychotherapy. She has also completed many trainings focused in perinatal mental health, including advanced EMDR. Otherwise, her work is mostly informed by narrative therapy. She has also trained in and will at times use EFT, DBT, compassion focused therapy and CBT in her work. 

Brittani doesn’t tend to adhere to a specific therapeutic modality all the time. She draws on techniques from various approaches dependant on what is needed and what makes sense to her clients. She take pride in being able to flow through emotions, experiences and techniques with clients to truly meet them where they are at. 


About Britt:

Personally, Brittani was drawn to social work after years of struggling with a social anxiety disorder without knowing where to turn for services or support. She wants her work to help others by being their place to turn to. When she's not working, she is spending time with her family, reading or walking her dog, Hugo.


Meet Hugo!

Therapy dog in training

Hugo is a rescue dog from Kentucky. He loves to snuggle, meet new people and new dog friends. Hugo's training was very much derailed by COVID... stay tuned on his progress. 

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