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Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling

Child/Youth Therapy & Counselling

EMDR Therapy

Family Therapy


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We can help with:

Relationships  (ex. navigating family history/experiences, relationship patterns, attachment, parenting, family therapy, etc.)

Trauma (ex. trauma symptoms, (C)PTSD, navigating past traumatic events: childhood trauma, assault, domestic violence)

Anxiety (ex. generalized, social anxiety, phobias, OCD)

Eating and Body Image (ex. disordered eating/eating disorders, intuitive eating principles, compassion focused)

Transitions (ex. perinatal mental health, divorce/separation support for children, couples and/or families, family conflict, pregnancy, coping with changes)

Grief or Loss (including palliative care, illness, etc.)

Social Struggles (ex. bullying, workplace conflict, social anxiety, family related stressors, relationships, boundaries)

Moods/Emotions (ex. overwhelming feelings, behaviours, anger, depression, mood disorders, BPD)

Learning and/or attention differences (ex. ADHD)

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My Therapeutic Approach

I have prioritized client-centered, compassion focused and strength-based practice in my role as a social worker.. To me this means being able to provide guidance, supports and services according to my clients self-expressed needs and/or challenges. It also means that I operate under the belief and understanding that all of my clients intrinsically possess the strength and resilience to cope with whatever barriers they are facing. I am simply a guide or support along the way.


An integrated theoretic framework guides my work. Similarly, though I am trained in many, I don’t tend to adhere to a specific therapeutic modality all the time. I draw on techniques from various approaches dependant on what is needed and what makes sense to my client. I take pride in being able to flow through emotions, experiences and techniques with my clients to truly meet them where they are at. 

  I tend to draw techniques from the following therapeutic models most: Narrative therapy, compassion focused therapy, EMDR, EFT, trauma centred psychotherapy, SFT, DBT and CBT.


Please be mindful of the fact that the efficacy of these therapeutic models are typically tested in research as distinct and whole (ex. one size fits all). I keep techniques/activities true to the methodology but it is difficult to research the efficacy of an individualized approach where a therapist alters (ex. making an activity into a game or craft) an approach. Therefore, I rely on collaborating with my decide what works best for them individually.

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