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Individual Counselling

Child/Youth Counselling

EMDR Therapy

Family Therapy, Couples Therapy and/or Parenting Support

Walk and Talk Therapy

Consultation or Supervision

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We can help with:

Relationships  (ex. navigating family history/experiences, relationship patterns, attachment, parenting, couples or family therapy, etc.)

Trauma (ex. trauma symptoms, (C)PTSD, navigating past traumatic events: childhood trauma, assault, domestic violence)

Anxiety (ex. generalized, social anxiety, phobias, OCD)

Eating and Body Image (ex. disordered eating/eating disorders, intuitive eating principles, compassion focused)

Transitions (ex. perinatal mental health, divorce/separation support for children, couples and/or families, family conflict, pregnancy, coping with changes)

Grief or Loss (including palliative care, illness, etc.)

Social Struggles (ex. bullying, workplace conflict, social anxiety, family related stressors, relationships, boundaries)

Moods/Emotions (ex. overwhelming feelings, behaviours, anger, depression, mood disorders, BPD)

Neurodivergence (ADHD/Autism)

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Therapeutic Values

There are a number of therapeutic values that influence my practice:

  • Harm reduction 

  • Intuitive eating 

And it is a priority to me that my practice is:

  • Compassion focused

  • Client centred 

  • Anti-diet (health at every size)

  • Strength based 

  • Anti oppressive

  • Trauma Informed

  • Poverty Informed 

  • Transparent​

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