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Travelling Therapist

As I move from office to office, I bring different tools and activities along with me in a suitcase. I don't tend to use any materials with adults, but when working with children I find hands-on activities and games much more engaging. Some of my favourite go-to's include books, stickers, meditation scripts, affirmation cards, play dough, paint, and playing cards.

There are so many factors that can change the trajectory of a session. For instance: a child could come into the session hoping to chat about something new, they could complete activities way faster than anticipated, or they could need more art/play based activities to open-up because putting feelings into words can be tricky! I bring all these tools because I find it helpful to remain flexible and ready with different activities.

I always begin sessions with a feelings check in. Developing the ability to recognize, identify feelings can help us cope with them. We work together to understand the child's emotions and worries. We then chat, practice coping skills, and/or move on with relevant activities and/or counselling. Some of my most favourite activities include creating art or games based on emotions and developing tangible coping kits and skills. I also love to use meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises. I also try my best to create activities based on my client's interests and strengths.

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