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About Brittani Ali 

Who am I?

My name is Brittani. When I am not working you would likely find me walking Hugo, reading, watching netflix and/or exploring local shops, restaurants and markets. My day job is in child protection, and I really love this work.  I am passionate about community, ongoing learning and innovation. I am always looking for new learning opportunities to ensure that my practice is current and the best it can be.  Personally, I was drawn to social work after years of struggling with a generalized and social anxiety disorder without knowing where to turn for services or support. I want my work to help others by being their place to turn to

Meet Hugo!

Therapy dog in training.

Hugo is a rescue dog from Kentucky. He loves to snuggle, meet new people and new dog friends. He has a very calm nature. If you'd like Hugo to assist in your session, please let me know.
Education & Designations
  • Registered Social Worker (RSW) with the OCSWSSW

  • Master in Social Work (MSW) - Wilfrid Laurier University 

  • Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) - The University of Victoria

  • Honours BA in Child and Youth Studies - Brock University


I have worked for many years in various settings including emergency shelters, non-profit community organizations, mental health agencies, school boards, child protection and for the provincial government. 

I prefer to utilize tangible methods when working with children (including art, crafts, technology and/or play based techniques).


Some examples of difficulties I can help with are:

  • Anxieties (ex. social anxiety, phobias, obsessions/compulsions)

  • Attention difficulties (ex. AD(H)D)

  • Eating Disorders (ex. body image anxiety, self-love advocacy)

  • Mood/emotional difficulties (ex. behavioural, anger, depression)

  • Social difficulties (ex. bullying, social anxiety, family related stressors)

  • Divorce/Separation (ex. reparation, reconciliation and/or transition therapy for child/parent, couples and/or families)

  • Grief or Loss

  • Relationship difficulties (ex. couples, families, etc.)

  • Trauma (ex. trauma symptoms, navigating past traumatic events)

My Approach

I have prioritized client-centered and strength-based practice in my role as a social worker/psychotherapist. To me this means being able to provide guidance, supports and services according to my clients self-expressed needs and/or challenges. It also means that I operate under the belief and understanding that all of my clients intrinsically possess the strength and resilience to cope with whatever barriers they are facing. I am simply a guide or support along the way.

  • Anti-Oppressive 

  • Strength Based 

  • Trauma Informed 

  • Harm Reduction

  • Poverty Informed 

  • Transparent

  • Reflexive 


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